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Imagine a short, soft tune which, when a button is pressed by a new-born’s parents, plays over the hospital’s public address system announcing each birth. The sweet tune boosts the morale of patients, staff, and visitors as they share the good news that is happening in the hospital. That is First Tune.
Much like a doorbell, the touch of a button in the Labor and Delivery Unit triggers the special announcement. First Tune, working with your hospital’s engineering staff, installs the system in less than one hour.
Maxwell’s Lullabies, an eight-song collection of original music, is given to each maternity patient. Additional cassettes and CDs may be sold in the hospital gift shop.
Lullaby CDs are customized with your hospital's logo. There is a place to record the delivering doctor’s name as well as the baby's name, weight, length, time of birth and more.
Mark Maxwell, a classical guitarist from Athens, GA, composed and recorded the eight original lullabies just prior to the birth of his first child.
The album soon developed a life of its own as it grew into First Tune and is now featured in hospitals nationwide. For more information on how you can incorporate First Tune into your hospital contact Mark Maxwell today.